About Artist

I’m Svetlana, an independent artist behind HandmadeHome. I have a passion for creating fantasy and nature-inspired art. I work in mixed media techniques and I always looking for new ways to implement my ideas. In general, I’m focused on sculptures and wearable art. I use a range of materials but polymer clay is staying my number one. I also love to apply crystallization as a finishing touch.


Do you know the way?… Being about three years old my friend and I prepared a bag of crackers and went to look for the way to a fairy tale. We didn’t have a shadow of a doubt about our intention. I still remember this feeling very well. We couldn’t imagine that the way does not exist. We already assumed what was waiting for us when we come into the fairy tale. We had a clear plan of action. Our journey stopped before it started thanks to our worried parents. The issue had remained unresolved…

The mystery behind the nature of reality always attracted me. What we are capable of as a consciousness living inside this reality and beyond? I’m trying to find where the magical door hiding. I think this is the very door to our real Home. I do believe the way lies through nature and imagination. These are very threads extending beyond this reality. I find nature is the most mysterious and magical part of our world. It can’t stop amaze. It’s the greatest wisdom and the very fairy guide who paths. This is an endless inspiration for my art. What if humanity could walk outside of usual perception? What would we see when we open the magical door? I believe this day will come. How will that make us feel? Do you know the way? …

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Rose Seahorse – Working Process