I grow crystals directly on sculptures keeping them in the solutions. I have only partial control over the process. So crystals usually make decisions for their own how they grow. The process of crystallization takes time. The result is always a surprise.

I use stable types of crystals. With proper care, they will be pleasing your eye for ever and ever. Care is the key. These crystals do not crumble, they do not turn into dust with time. Theoretically, with some degree of probability, just very small changes in transparency may happen decades later. Rather, we can talk about them in the context of a scientist-observer who is trying to fix changes at the micro-level. As part of the artwork, these minor changes would be imperceptible. From my own experience, 20 years old crystal is still the same. Therefore, these simple rules help to keep crystallized works in their original state forever:

  • Please, treat works carefully. Works must be stored indoors only.
  • Crystals are strong enough. But they are still more fragile than stones. They mostly behave like glass. I additionally fix them on the sculpture surface. But still, be careful, do not drop them.
  • Keep crystallized works away from direct sunlight and water. These crystals are soluble in the water!! Be careful, do not expose them to water or other liquids.
  • The best solution will be isolating crystalized artworks into display boxes or frames (depending on the form of the piece) to protect them from dust, differentials of temperature, and moisture. Limiting the impact of these external factors allows keeping crystals in their original state for centuries.
  • Lighting is a great idea. That will make crystals shine truly fascinating. Make sure to use cold light sources such as LED. Although the crystals are able to withstand high temperatures, it is extremely important to avoid thermal effects on sculptures. UV light also does not benefit sculptures.
  • Crystals are non-toxic. But they are still NOT EDIBLE.
    Please, do not try to taste them!!! As well as other parts of artwork by the way:)