Hello and thank you for stopping by my shop!

Below you can find answers to common questions. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

How can I purchase your art?

My art can be purchased on this website. I usually offer a number of artworks available through direct purchase. But sometimes, special works may be auctioned.  If you can’t see any works on website that means there are no works available for purchase right now. Please, follow my updates to get notified when new works are available.

How can I get notified about new collection preview and shop updates?

I always notify in advance. I recommend to sign up for my  Newsletter to get notifications on email or join my Telegram channel. You can also follow my updates on Instagram and Facebook. Remember to turn on post notifications if you want to be sure you don’t miss my posts.

Do you take commissions?

I’m afraid, I do not accept custom orders on regular basis. But I may be interested in public cultural and commercial projects with original concepts. 

I missed a piece from your shop. Can you make a similar one for me?

I’m sorry, I’d love to keep my works one of a kind. Each work is the next step deeper into fantasy world. I believe lots of magic waiting ahead, we certainly need to go forward to meet it.

How often do you present new collections?

I’m doing my best to present new works regularly. Usually new collections appear 2-4 times per year.

Can I see new works before they become available for purchase?

Sure! I provide collection preview before works become available for purchase. You can get acquainted with the new collection here in the store. Usually preview lasts for about 5-7 days.

Can I reserve an artwork? Do you have a pre-sale?

Sorry, I do not reserve any works. All works became available for purchase at the same time. I don’t offer pre-sales.

I placed multiple orders in your shop, can you ship them in one package and refund the overpaid shipping costs?

Sure! I can consolidate your orders into one package to reduce shipping costs when you place multiple orders going to the same shipping address. I do my best to do this by default, but that would be great if you send me a message at hello@handmadehome.me , so we can be sure we don’t miss it out. In case your orders were combined overpaid shipping costs will be refunded in couple days after package has been shipped.

I added a piece to the cart, but I was unable to complete my transaction because the piece is not in stock.

That means that another person was quicker and purchased this piece first. If you added multiple pieces you can edit your cart and you could try to purchase again what is still available. For this case I can recommend to create an account in advance. You can add your shipping and billing details to your account that may help to save time on checkout.