You’re My Only Friend / Green – Crystallized Sculpture



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“You’re My Only Friend” – Green – Crystallized Sculpture

Grumpy Rain Frog gently growing its flower. They usually bloom twice per year.

This sculpture is sculpted from cosclay and crystallized. I grow crystals right on the sculpture. Actually, crystals never ask how they should grow:) They often grow randomly. That makes them especially unique.

Dimensions  6cm (2.5 Inches) x 8cm (3 Inches) x 5cm (2 Inches).

All my artworks beautifully packaged in the original handmade package by me.

How to care about crystallized works
Crystals are non-toxic. But they are still NOT EDIBLE!!
Please, do not eat them!!! As well as other parts of artwork by the way:)

Each artwork is one of a kind and takes a lot of work and time. Please, take it into account.

*Please note, I create pieces of art,  not toys for kid’s play.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Sending a handful of faerie dust,

Additional information

Weight 450 g


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